Opening Migrant Visions: Cluj

The opening event of the Migrant Visions exhibition will take place at the Casino building in Cluj on Sunday, May 26th. The presentation is part of the Paintings, traditional objects and photography exhibition organised by the League for the Defense of Human Rights and will start at 11 AM.

As organisers, we would like to thank the League for the Defense of Human Rights and the managers of the Casino building, who have kindly accepted to host the exhibition in the beautiful building situated in the Central Park of Cluj.

We would also like to express our deep gratitude to Ali Shah, founding member of the CIAO (Cluj Intercultural Awareness Organisation) who has kindly helped us all across these months, as to all the other 9 photographers who have shown us new faces of what we had thought to be our well-known city of Cluj: Frederic, Kazou, Marcelush, Mick, Nour, Petya, Sophia, Veaceslav and Youvann.

We are looking forward to meeting you there for the presentation! Please feel free to invite your friends and all those who will be interested in the exhibition.

In the meanwhile, we are pleased to show you how the message of the exhibition: Liberte’-Egalite’-Fraternite’ has also traveled to Bucharest.



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