Migrant Visions – Cluj, Munich Prague

Migration and integration issues are among the most debated topics in Europe. Immigration is nothing new and problems regarding integration are usually not unique to only one country.

The project “Migrant Visions – Cluj, Munich, Prague” is a photography exhibition project dealing with migration and integration in Europe. People from different migrant communities in Prague, Munich and Cluj were invited to portray the city they live in from their point of view according to a common theme.

The goal of the project is to show a diversified picture of migration and to get people from different migrant communities, generations and social backgrounds involved.

The medium of art and photography allows the participants to be creative and give a more personal insight into their daily life realities. By conveying the experiences of migration and integration from a migrant perspective the project aims at providing a new starting point to engage a larger public to enter the dialogue on migration and integration.

The photo exhibition project not only provides an opportunity for migrants to tell their own, very individual stories but also to share their perceptions and everyday life realities. The project seeks to raise awareness on integration issues and foster mutual understanding between the majority population and migrant communities while at the same time giving an insight into the perceptions of migrants in other European cities.

Exhibition Dates:

Cluj – April/May 2013

Prague: May/June 2013

Munich – June/July 2013

The Migrant Visions Team is:

Silviu Bodea & Diana Prisacariu (Cluj)

Thando Sililo & Sara-Sumie Yang (Munich)

Barbora Sevcikova & Eliska Zakova (Prague)